Apr 26, 2016

ProfExam Suite - Simple Exam Simulator

A must-have set of applications for creating exams and conducting tests. Perfect for both self training and pre-employment testing of candidates.


Make your own quizzes, tests, and exams

ProfExam Suite

Convenient test editor

Features a complete set of functions for creating and editing exams with comfort. The editor supports three major types of questions:
  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Entering answer

Extended formatting

Internal editor supports all major text formatting functions. Everything is just like what you are used to having in Microsoft Word.

Moreover, you can apply text formatting and image insertions (directly from the Clipboard) to both question text and answer variants.


Inserting images

Attach images to questions when you don’t need to insert them directly in the question text. This will let you save extra space and avoid overloading the question with redundant images.

Your user will see the test somewhat like this:

Separating questions by subject

Separating questions by subject (or section) is one of the most valuable features.

During the testing, the person taking the test can focus on questions within a certain subject by simply checking the respective box or, vice versa, remove it from the exam the same way.

Publishing test

To conduct exams on other platforms (Mac OS X, iOS, Android), you can take advantage of importing tests to platform-independent formats. Such file can be spread among the users taking your test, and you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the devices they are going to use.



Importing text files

To let you import your exams quickly and conveniently, we have added a text file import feature.


Pleasant goodie

With a purchase of ProfExam Suite, you get ProfExam Player as a gift.

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