May 4, 2016

How to Fix Windows 10 exhausted pool of TCP/IP ports

Lately one of my Windows 10 machines started to behave quite strange, after about a day of use, browsing Internet was no longer possible. I could still ping resources, but not use any browser or other application requiring Internet access. A reboot fixed the problem, and then after about a day, sometimes less, the same thing happened.

After some research / troubleshooting I found the following in the event log

Event 4231: A request to allocate an ephemeral port number from the global TCP port space has failed due to all such ports being in use.

Fix Windows 10 TCP/IP Ports Pool
  The event log error.

How to fix?

After some additional research I came across some posts on similar issues for Windows Server 2012 R2, but not Windows 10. But I decided to try the same configuration that fixes the problem on Windows Server 2012 R2, and voila. it worked.

Simply create the following registry info:


REG_DWORD: 0000001e (hex)

REG_DWORD: 0000fffe (hex)

REG_DWORD: 00fffffe (hex)

REG_DWORD: 00000005 (hex)

Fix Windows 10 TCP/IP Ports Pool
  The info added to my Windows 10 machine.


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