Jan 31, 2016

While connecting to your server through SSH can be very secure, the SSH daemon itself is a service that must be exposed to the Internet to function properly. This comes with some inherent risk and offers a vector of attack for would-be assailants.

How To Protect SSH With Fail2Ban on CentOS 7

Jan 30, 2016

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are some of the most highly-anticipated devices coming down the pipe, and now we may know what they look like.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge revealed in new leaked image

A report from Bloomberg claims that Apple is working with its partners in the United States and Asia to develop a long range wireless charging technology that it could use on the iPhone in 2017. Sources of the website claim that Apple is working on a wireless charging technology that would make it possible to charge an iPhone or iPad even when it is placed further away from the wireless charging dock.

To achieve this feat, Apple will have to overcome quite a lot of technical barriers including the loss of power over a distance when it travels wirelessly. The company still has not taken any final decision on whether it wants to include this wireless charging tech in the iPhone due to be launched in 2017 or not.

Apple reportedly developing long range wireless charging technology for 2017 iPhone

Virtual reality is on everyone’s mind, at least in the tech industry, and it has companies going crazy to jump on the “next big thing” bandwagon. Apparently Apple’s making waves in its own ranks to not be completely left behind.

According to a new report from FT, and citing people familiar with the matter, Apple has been putting together a secret team to kickstart its VR endeavors, aiming to take on Facebook’s Oculus Rift, and even Microsoft’s HoloLens headsets. The teams are working on both virtual reality and augmented reality, and Apple seems to be weighing which experience would be best for its customers moving forward, but it all seems like it might still be a project that’s just getting off the ground.

Apple has reportedly put together a team to kickstart virtual reality endeavor

Jan 13, 2016

I had to write a PowerShell script to take ownership of the mentioned registry keys. The code is only quick to show we can do it (after all PowerShell has no limits) and could be improved error handling and so on. Here is how to do it.

How to Take Ownership of a Registry Key in PowerShell

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