Jul 20, 2016

MySQL cluster is a software technology which provides high availability and throughput. If you are already familiar with other cluster technologies, you will find MySQL cluster similar to them. In short, there is one or more management nodes which control the data nodes (where data is stored). After consulting with the management node, clients (MySQL clients, servers, or native APIs) connect directly to the data nodes.

How To Create a Multi-Node MySQL Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

BaasBox is an application that acts as a database server and application server combined. Out of the box, BaasBox provides user sign-up, user management, role management, content management, file management, and database management with backups. 

How To Install and Use BaasBox on Ubuntu 14.04

On July 18th, 2016, a CGI application vulnerability, referred to as HTTPoxy, was disclosed. An attacker can exploit vulnerable deployments by passing an HTTP Proxy header with their request, which will alter the URL used by the application when contacting backing services. This can be used to leak credentials, modify responses to the application, etc.

How to Protect Your Linux Server Against the HTTPOXY Vulnerability

Jul 15, 2016

We talk about a lot of cool things here at Tech Support that you can do by editing the Windows Registry. Occasionally, though, you will run into a Registry key or value that you don’t have permission to edit. When you try, you’ll see an error message saying “Cannot edit _____: Error writing the value’s new contents.” Fortunately, just like in the Windows file system, the Registry provides tools that let you take ownership of and edit permissions for keys. Here’s how to do it.

How to Gain Full Permissions to Edit Protected Windows Registry Keys

Sometimes you need to get stuff from your computer to your phone—pictures, files, links, text, etc. And most of the time, that’s way more of a pain than it should be. If you’re tired of uploading files to Dropbox or Drive, emailing links to yourself, or—worst of all—plugging your phone into your computer just to get your stuff from point A to B, stop. There’s an easier way. In fact, we’ve got three easier ways. Let’s get to it.

How to Unify Your PC and Android Phone for Seamless Notifications, Sharing, and More

Jul 14, 2016

In this article I will walk you through the installation and configuration steps for setting up a Citrix StoreFront infrastructure.

Installing and configuring Citrix StoreFront 3.5

Jul 10, 2016

Oracle Solaris 11 is a complete, integrated, and open platform engineered for large-scale enterprise environments. Its built-in Oracle Solaris Native Zones technology provides application virtualization through isolated, encapsulated, and highly secure environments that run on top of a single, common kernel. As a result, native zones provide a highly efficient, scalable, zero-overhead virtualization solution that sits at the core of the platform.

Creating Kernel Zones in Solaris 11

Jul 7, 2016

This article describes how to migrate a single instance of Oracle Database running on Oracle Solaris 10 with Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 into a clustered Oracle Solaris 11 environment without requiring any modification to the database, by using an Oracle Solaris 10 Zones cluster deployment.

Migrating Oracle Database From Solaris 10 to Solaris 11

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