Feb 27, 2017

OpenStack Ocata, the 15th release of the most widely deployed open source software for building clouds, offers substantial innovation in integrating bare metal, virtual machines and containers on a single network, with a single set of APIs that are the de facto global standard for private clouds.

How to Install Openstack Ocata Release on a Single Node

Feb 16, 2017

IKEv2, or Internet Key Exchange v2, is a protocol that allows for direct IPSec tunneling between the server and client. In IKEv2 VPN implementations, IPSec provides encryption for the network traffic. IKEv2 is natively supported on new platforms (OS X 10.11+, iOS 9.1+, and Windows 10) with no additional applications necessary, and it handles client hiccups quite smoothly.

Set Up an IKEv2 VPN Server with StrongSwan on Ubuntu 16.04

Feb 11, 2017

Container was first introduced in Sun Solaris operating system but now it is widely available in Linux and Windows as well. The container is an isolated area where an application can run without affecting the rest of the system, and without the system affecting the application. Container shares operating system's kernel so it can be configured as “isolated” part of guest OS.

How To Set Up Windows Container on Nano Server

Feb 9, 2017

This article will guide you through the steps to upgrade System Center Configuration Manager from version 1606 to 1610.

How To Upgrade SCCM 1606 to 1610

Feb 7, 2017

Recently Yalu team has finally released the latest build of the Yalu jailbreak with support for iOS 10.2. This article will show you how to jailbreak iOS 10.2 on your iPhone or iPad using Yalu Jailbreak. Remember, iOS 10.2 Yalu jailbreak now supports all 64-bit devices, except iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2

Feb 6, 2017

This article will guide you through the steps to jailbreak iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1 on your iPhone or iPad using Yalu Jailbreak.

Jailbreak iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone or iPad

The iOS App Switcher was the only solution to view all your open apps and close the ones that you’re not using. For instance, if you have many apps that are open, it can be a difficult task to close each of them one at a time.

Close All Apps at Once in iOS 10 on Your iPhone or iPad

Since the iOS 10.2 jailbreak has been released, many Cydia developers have already started updating their tweaks for this firmware. Many popular tweaks have already received an update, such as Eclipse 4 which was released a few days back to bring dark mode to iOS 10.

Jailbreak BioProtect Tweak

The Apache web server is the most popular way of serving web content on the internet. Using virtual hosts, you can use one server to host multiple domains or sites off of a single interface or IP by using a matching mechanism. In easy words, you can host more than one web site on a single server.

How To Configure Apache Virtual Hosts on Debian 8

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