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How to fix clstat and cldump related problems

A common problem with clstat and cldump commands is often observed especially when a new PowerHA (HACMP) cluster is configured on a freshly installed AIX. Most of the issues with clstat and cldump are related to snmp protocol and can be solved with simple correction of the snmp configuration file.
Follow the procedure below if clstat and cldump are not working:


DLPAR or Dynamic Logical Partitioning problems

DLPAR provides users the ability to dynamically add, remove or modify LPAR resources such as memory, CPU, or I/O devices. The most common problem with DLPAR operations is related to RMC (Resource Monitoring and Control).

Since DLPAR function relies on RMC connection between HMC and LPARs, you should ensure that the public network interface of your HMC is properly configured and HMC can reach your LPARs via network (HMC connection to FSP (Flexisible Service Processor) of managed systems is not enough). If any firewalls between HMC and LPARs exist, check that port 657 upd/tcp is open in both directions. Ensure that RMC connection is allowed for the public interface of HMC as well:

HMC Management --> Change Network Settings --> LAN adapters (choose the public one) --> Firewall settings

To start troubleshooting any problem with Dynamic Logical Partitioning, go to HMC restricted shell and check the output of the command:

How to replace failed disk in VIOS

This article describes two common scenarios for replacing failing local disk in VIOS. In this scenario the failing disk contains LVs used for rootvg of VIO clients. The rootvg is mirrored to another disk presented by a second VIO server. This scenario is illustrated below:


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