Are You Safe Online?

While new competitors have come along to challenge Internet Explorer, it is still the most popular browser.  However, you may wonder which one is the safest for protecting your identity and information. As more internet crimes become prevalent, security is a major issue.  Protecting your private data begins with choosing the safest way to get online.  It’s like having a secure fence around your home.

The Reviews
Reviews on the best internet browsers and the findings indicate that for security, both Google Chrome and Firefox outperform Internet Explorer.  Of all the browsers listed, none came close to these three, but even Internet Explorer was almost a full point behind the other two.  However, all three of them rank under the rating of Excellent.

Improved Security
The good news is that all three top browsers plan to keep getting better.  Internet explorer will be a full 64 bit application, which will make it harder to break past techniques like ASLR.  Mozilla has promised improved security with the new Firefox and Chrome has already been released with improvements.

Its focus has been on the extensions that come from Facebook and other social media sites.  It has also made patches for 15 areas of vulnerability and it’s better able to detect malware, which can be a major source of problems for users.

What You Can Do
While all three of the best known internet browsers have excellent security ratings, much of their security lies with the user.  They need to update their browser regularly to take advantage of improvements and enable the pop-up blockers to protect them.

You can also use the private browsing features to keep the websites from storing cookies on your computer.  While you will have to log in every time you visit a page, it will protect your password and other sensitive information.

While you can be impressed with what Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox have to offer, you need to be aware that hackers are constantly looking for ways to get past the improvements.  Always be on guard and use the highest level of security that you can.
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