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Ubuntu Installer can't find my SATA Drive

Ubuntu Installer can not find my SATA drive: I recently experienced a problem installing Ubuntu on a particular computer. Ubuntu's Ubiquity Installer could not detect my SATA drive, although sudo fdisk -l found the drive just fine, and the drive also appeared in gparted. As it turns out, the SATA drive had left over raid configuration information that was telling the installer to skip the drive (as if it was unsupported). In the following tutorial, I will show you what I did to get Ubuntu to detect the SATA drive, so that I could proceed and install Ubuntu.

Installing Solaris 10 Step by Step

How to Troubleshoot ESXi networking with tcpdump-uw

Tcpdump-uw is a command line packet sniffer available in ESXi. Learn the most useful parameters to troubleshoot ESXi networking. A very valuable help in all network troubleshooting is the ability to actually look at the packets being sent and received. ESXi includes the tcpdump-uw packet sniffer tool to verify and troubleshoot vmkernel network traffic.

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