Windows Cluster Setup with Windows 2008 R2

1. I have created a shared Quorum Drive via iSCSI on both my windows cluster nodes named SQL1 and SQL2. My Quorum drive has a drive letter of E:

2. I have added 3 network adapters to each of my cluster nodes: LAN, iSCSI and Heartbeat. Lan will be used for client connections, iSCSI for storage and Heartbeat for private heartbeat communication between the windows cluster nodes. Each Network adapter is in a separate vlan.

3. I have also set the following adapter order. Lan being number 1, followed by Heartbeat and lastly iSCSI.

4. Now we need to install the Failover Clustering Feature on both servers, SQL1 and SQL2. Enter into Server Manager, click on Features and tick Failover Clustering.

5. Click Install.

6. Installation is successful, click Close.

7. On SQL1, click Start and select Failover Cluster Manager under Administration Tools.

8. Click on Validate a Configuration and the wizard will begin. click Next.

9. I will enter in the name sql1 and click Add, then enter in the name sql2 and click Add. click Next.

10. Select Run all tests and click Next.

11. A summary of your servers that will be tested. Click Next.

12. The test has completed successfully. Click Finish.

13. Right click on Failover Cluster Manager and select Create a Cluster.

14. The Create Cluster Wizard begins, click Next.

15. I will type in sql1 and click Add followed by typeing in sql2 and clicking Add. Click Next.

16. Type in a name for your cluster. This will be a Netbios name and registered in your Active Directory DNS. Enter in an IP address for the Windows Cluster. Click Next.

17. All the information is gather and you are ready to create your Windows Cluster. Click Next.

18. The Windows Cluster has been created successfully. Click Finish.

19. You can see both sql1 and sql2 nodes in the cluster, along with the Networks.

20. Click on Cluster Network 1, this is my Lan network.

21. Right click on Cluster Network 1 and select properties. Change the name to Lan and make sure Allow cluster network communication on this network and Allow clients to connect through this network are ticked. Click Ok.

22. Select Cluster Network 2. This is my Heartbeat or cluster communications network.

23. Right click on Cluster Network 2 and select properties. Change the name to Heartbeat and make sure the only option that is selected is Allow cluster network communication on this network. Click Ok.

24. Click on Cluster Network 3. This is my iSCSI network.

25. Right click on Cluster Network 3 and select properties. Make sure the only option that is ticked is Do not allow cluster network communication on this network. Click Ok.

26. Click on Storage and you can see the Cluster Quorum Disk E: listed. Your Windows Cluster is now setup and ready to go.


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