Setup Free of Cost SMS Server in Just Few Easy Steps

Frontline-SMS software is the free Open Source method of sending information to direct your clients, prospects, employees, students or members of mobile phone in an instantaneous time frame. FrontlineSMS enables instantaneous two-way communication to any mobile handset. It’s easy to implement, simple to operate, and best of all, the software is free; you only pay for the messages you send.

FrontlinesSMS builds professional SMS management tools that help you reach more than 3 billion people with the phone already in their pocket. Frontlinesms, the world's most popular text messaging software - it's free, open source, and does not require the Internet.

  • You need a working computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux 
  • Download and install the latest version of FrontlineSMS on the computer you want to use. 
  • Either a compatible mobile phone or modem, with sufficient credit on it to send and receive text messages. Remember, the software is free, but you’ll still pay local, standard messaging rates from your SIM card to send messages, OR an Internet connection and an account with one of our web-based aggregators.

FrontlineSMS does not require the Internet to work, but does need to be connected to a mobile network. You can ensure this either by connecting the computer to a modem or phone, or through one of the two web-based services FrontlineSMS support, Clickatell and IntelliSMS.

FrontlineSMS needs to be connected to a mobile network. I recommend using a GSM modem connected to your computer via Serial, USB or Bluetooth. GSM modems are more commonly used to browse the Internet and send and receive email from a computer, all through your mobile network. GSM modems come in different shapes and sizes, but typically standard a typical “dongle” sticking out from your computer. 

Steps to follow
Download frontlinesms software from the link as shown in image below

Double click to install downloaded frontlinesms software as shown in image below.

Default installation directory is selected automatically,
Click Next to proceed as shown in image below

Click Next to proceed

 Wait for few minutes to complete the installation process

No need to register so Click Skip Registration to proceed

Click Finish to finish the installation process.

Connect your GSM modem with your computer as shown in image below.

Click Start then Click FrontlineSMS2.2.1 to start its services

FrontlineSMS starting now, it will automatically open a link in your browser

FrontlineSMS service has been started and management console opened as show in image below

Click Settings at right top to configure your GMS Modem
then Click Phones/Connection, Add new connection as shown in image below

Select connection type Phone/Modem then Click Next as shown in image below

Enter the Name, Port and Baud rate of your GSM Modem and Click Next as shown in image below

Connectivity has been established and GMS Modem successfully configured with FrontlineSMS.

Click Status to re-verify connectivity if you are not sure.

You are almost done. Send bulk SMS, Tele-marketing, Announcement,
Share Information, Create Poll and much more. Enjoy your free of cost home base SMS server.

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