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Install VIOS Straight to a (SAN) LUN

The plan is to install VIOS straight to a SAN LUN, and NOT to a local disk drive.

  1. Download the VIOS Install ISO’s and burn them to a DVD-R (Required to be associated to your IBM Account + hardware)
  2. Have LUNS carved up and presented to the target system
  3. Place VIOS Install DVD 1 in the media tray, and in Advanced Management Module (AMM) associate Media Tray to Blade 1.

Measuring Network Bandwidth Using iperf

perf is a simple, open source tool to measure the network bandwidth. It can test TCP or UDP throughput. Tools like iperf are useful to check the performance of a network real quick, by comparing the achieved bandwidth with the expectation. The example in this blog post is from a Solaris system, but the instructions and testing methodology are applicable on all supported platforms including Linux.

Configuring IBM Flex System Manager (FSM)

Flex System Manager is the management component for the Flex System stack. For a pure VMware setup, and only X series compute nodes, a FSM is not required. When running a hybrid environment (when P series blades are in place); a FSM is required. The FSM controls the application, network and storage virtualization for the P series compute nodes. One FSM will control up to three chassis’ (one rack) of equipment. Currently there is no redundancy available for FSM.


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