PlayStation 5 planning to start “very soon”

Sony’s much-lauded PlayStation 4 console has been launched around the world a mere three months ago, but the company already has their sights set on the next iteration of the gaming console. PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America Scott Rohde said that it’s in Sony’s culture to start work on new projects relatively soon after their
initial launch.

“We tend to start thinking about the development of the next system, surprisingly only a few years into the life cycle of the current gen. …and of course very soon, we’ll start thinking about what we’ll do next. That’s the culture at Sony. We always have to do something that’s bigger and better than what’s already been done,” he said.

But Rhode was quick to explain that, although they will be entering a planning phase, it will be a slow process for a number of years. “As soon as you launch a new console you have to take a breather, there’s going to be a couple of years where we’re just enhancing this machine and making it as great as it can be.”

Sony’s Lead System Architect on the PlayStation 4 Mark Cerny previously said that the company started work on the PlayStation 4 in 2008, and detailed the process. “We had six years to make the hardware, and it only takes about four years to do the actual engineering, so we had two years to figure out what we wanted to make the PlayStation 4. And we looked at a huge variety of technologies, including some that were just coming into possibility,” he told Digital Trends.

He also chuckled at the fact that he couldn’t tell development team that he was working on the next-generation console. “I had gone around in 2008, 2009 and toured 30 something development teams, talking to them about what sort of features they’d like to see. But I couldn’t admit to being actively working on PlayStation 4, so we disguised it as a “questionnaire” as to what they though the future of video game consoles would be like. We didn’t fool anybody.”
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