Active Directory Setup under Windows 2012 R2 Server Datacenter Edition - Additional Domain

Install Additional Domain Controller

Follow the same steps to add Active Directory Domain Services and DNS roles as mentioned in previous article. Once roles and features installation completed, move to next step.

Go to Start > Server Manager > Notification Flag > Click [Promote this server to a domain controller] This time Click [Add a domain controller to an existing domain]. Enter domain under Domain box and Click Select button.

Enter Username and Password as shown in image below.

Select Domain Name and Click OK

Click Next

This is our ISB branch so select ISB from site box, enter DSRM password and Click Next.

Click Next

Select PDCSRV from Replication box and Click Next.

Click Next

Click Next

Click Install

Installation Started

We have completed our additional domain controller setup. Now lets move to Read-Only Domain Controller Installation

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