Cradle of Empires Launches For iPhone

A brand new match-3 game for casual gamers who love mind-twisting puzzles and good mental challenges has launched for the iPhone.

Awem Games announced today that Cradle of Empires is available right now and it features a mix of city building, strategy and the classic match-3 archetype found in many popular puzzle games such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga.

As mentioned in the press release…
“The player takes the role of the Chosen One, whose mission is to help the Egyptian Empire rise from the ruins. Fulfilling tasks from the citizens, collecting powerful artifacts and bonuses on match-3 levels and in the city, the player can work out his own gameplay strategy in his battle against the evil and bring the ancient civilization to its former glory.”
The game is available right now for free and is picking up quite a few positive ratings from user review scores. In fact, 119 users have already given the game 5 stars on the iTunes app store page.
If you would like to grab a copy of this title, feel free to do so by paying a visit to the official iTunes app store page.

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