iPhone Stuck in Sign in to iCloud Lock in iOS 7 But iTunes Shows unlocked: Resolved

On some iOS devices, “Sign in to iCloud” message keeps occurring however iTunes shows its unlocked which really annoying. Well after playing around in this trouble much, it looks very certainly that the problem is with Wi-fi internet or firmware was upgraded through iDevice itself instead update/restore through iTunes.

If you are not connected to Wi-fi, if your iOS device has trouble connecting over the internet or if there’s something else blocking your device from connecting to a Wi-fi network, this “Sign in to iCloud” loop will happen on your iDevice but your iTunes will show it unlocked.

Method1 - Hard Reset + Wi-fi Internet Connection
Hard reset is when you press and hold the home button and power button till the screen goes blank. Then, press the power button to boot the iPhone. When you do a hard reset, and when the iPhone reboots, the iPhone takes some time to initialize things before thinking about iCloud.

This time can be used to connect the iPhone to a Wi-fi network. So when the iPhone boots up after the hard reset, the first thing you do is connect Wi-fi internet and then start your unlocking tool to bypass icloud activation screen.

Method2 - Restore Firmware
In the event that even the previous method didn’t work, your only option is to restore. This is mostly because the only other time when you can connect to a Wi-fi network without a problem is when you are setting up your device from a fresh restore.

When you restore and set up your iPhone as new, you will be asked to join a Wi-fi network. And then you can proceed iCloud activation bypass. Before proceeding to iCloud unlock please make sure your Windows hosts file has permission to modify or full control.

I hope this method will resolve your issue, if not please leave your comments under comment box and we will try to address your issue.


  1. this bypass thing, did it restore the network activation?

  2. no it doesn't, this is just a trick to bypass iCloud activation if you have forgotten your iCloud account or your phone was used by someone else.

  3. i had the same trouble, i did 2 method u told, still can not sold this problem.wifi connected ok, maybe have other method???

  4. Proceed activation method step by step.

    1. Restore your iDevices to 7.0.4 firmware through iTunes
    2. Make sure Wifi is connected to your iDevice and internet is working
    3. Disable any type of blockage in terms of firewall on your computer
    4. Make sure hosts file should be on modified permission
    5. Bring your iDevice on icloud lock screen
    6. Start GadgetWide tool.....you are unlocked on iDevice and on iTunes as well

    Warning: do not attempt to upgrade or erase your iDevice once unlocked.

  5. ip or ipad ios 7.1.1 can downgrade 7.0.4??

  6. 7.1.1 all right now hixihix


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