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Do you really want to be available all the time?

Do you really want to be available for anyone and everyone on a 24/7 basis?  What do I mean?  A famous person once said that the more available you make yourself; the more available everyone will expect you to be. People will actually be annoyed if you are not instantly and constantly available rather than being pleased when you do call. People expecting you to be available all the time may be annoying.  Cell phone calls follow you everywhere you are including your bathroom.  Even during nighttime when you want to rest, cell phones continue to ring and annoy you.  If it is important, no problem but if it is very menial, why you need to be bothered so late.

Today in this modern society, we live in and the proliferation of cell phones we see people talking anywhere and everywhere.  If used for business, this may prove to be very effective and worthy.  However, for very menial issues being bothered in your sleep and even during your bathroom time may be quite annoying if not outright disgusting.  However, if you make yourself available all the time, you created your own nightmare.

Cell phone etiquette is getting to be a forgotten concept.  You will see people talking on the phone loudly and disturbs people nearby in restaurants and even in offices.  I am sure by now, once or twice in a meeting you will notice that when a cell phone rings, almost everyone around will immediately look for their cell phones.  If you were the one talking, and then the person in front of you talks on his phone, how would you feel?  I am sure you will feel belittled and ignored.  Rude practice, and should be changed.

It may help people who use cell phones to follow certain degree of etiquette with respect to the use of cell phones specially in places where you may seem rude if you use or even when your cell phone rings.

When you are in a place of worship, it may be necessary to leave your cell phone in the house or at least turn it off if you do not want to be away with it.  This is because ringing cell phone will not just disturb you while you pray it will also disturb others.  You do not need to show off your expensive gadget in a place of worship. 

During meetings, please turn off your cell phone; it is rude to have your phone ringing while somebody speaks.  Disruption may cause problems especially when the meeting tackles extremely important issues.  However, if you are waiting for terribly important call, you may use the vibrate mode of your cell phone to alert you when a call is in-coming and leave the meeting if you need to answer the call.  You may also inform the possible caller that you are in a meeting and that you cannot be disturbed.

When traveling and if you are on-board an aircraft, you will be required to turn off your phone.  This is because electronics devices may interfere with the aircraft’s avionics.  Thus, it is a requirement to turn of your phone for safety reasons.  However, for extremely long flights, airline companies allow cell phone usage at a certain time, if you really need to make a phone call, use this time allotted if necessary.

Cell phone have become to be a necessity nowadays, that is why most people use it and cell phone manufacturers have continuously develop different usage and functions for this very small gadget. Be globally competitive, but you should understand that being rude is not part of modernity.  Follow certain degree of etiquette; this will be very helpful to you and your business.

China bans Apple products from government purchases due to securityconcerns

Bloomberg reports that China has prohibited its government agencies from buying Apple products due to security concerns.
The report claims that Apple products

How To Install and Secure phpMyAdmin with Nginx on a CentOS 7 Server

Relational database management systems like MySQL and MariaDB are needed for a significant portion of web sites and applications. However, not all users feel comfortable administering their data from the command line.

To solve this problem, a project called phpMyAdmin was created in order to offer an alternative in the form of a web-based management interface. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install and secure a phpMyAdmin configuration on a CentOS 7 server. We will build this setup on top of the Nginx web server, which has a good performance profile and can handle heavy loads better than some other web servers.

How to identify the offending application code when a deadlock is detected in Oracle Database.

A deadlock occurs when two or more sessions are waiting for data locked by each other, resulting in all the sessions being blocked. Oracle automatically detects and resolves deadlocks by rolling back the statement associated with the transaction that detects the deadlock. Typically, deadlocks are caused by poorly implemented locking in application code. This tutorial shows the steps necessary to identify the offending application code when a deadlock is detected.

How To Use FPM To Easily Create Packages in Multiple Formats

The packaging formats used by different distributions of Linux can be a pain point for software developers wishing to release their projects in an easily consumable way. Debian and Ubuntu rely on .deb packages, while Fedora and RedHat both use .rpm style packaging systems. These are incompatible and the tools needed to create them can be rather difficult to work with for those unfamiliar with the eccentricities of each.

While package maintainers for distributions do the heavy lifting for packages included in the official repositories, if you plan on releasing software for these distributions on your own site or need to create packages for your organization, you will usually want to provide packages yourself. This traditionally involved learning the workings of at least a few tools for each of the packaging families.

To minimize the complications of this process, a tool called fpm was created. Using fpm, you can easily create both .deb and .rpm files without having to know any of the commands of the packaging tools that it leverages. In this article, we will discuss how to use fpm to create packages of different formats using an Ubuntu 14.04 server.

Android market share reaches an all-time high of 85%; iPhone falls to 11.9%

Google’s Android is absolutely killing it when it comes to smartphone market share. Latest numbers from Strategy Analytics for the second quarter of 2014 show that Android’s market share reached an all-time high of 85 percent.

According to the firm’s report, smartphone shipments grew by 27 percent year-over-year to 295 million units, and Android’s share grew by 5 percent in the last year to 85 percent. What’s unexpected is that Samsung, the dominant Android smartphone maker, lost marketshare despite Android growing as a whole. This is probably because Android’s growth has largely been driven by low and mid-range smartphone sales in developing nations, which will probably further accelerate thanks to Google’s Android One initiative.

Apple’s marketshare fell from 13.4 percent last year to 11.9 percent this year, despite seeing an increase in absolute iPhone shipment numbers. Microsoft’s marketshare went from 3.8 percent to 2.7 percent over the past year, while BlackBerry fell from 2.4 percent to a measly 0.6 percent.

What we’ll be looking out for in the next few quarters is how big of an impact does the larger iPhone 6 launch have on these numbers.