Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS now available

Google is not shy when it comes to bringing its apps, those made famous on the Android platform, over to the competition. Today, they do it again with the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

On Monday, Google officially launched the Chrome Remote Desktop app that will, as the name suggests, essentially extends the desktop in a secure fashion over to the iPhone or iPad of your choice. To make the magic happen, a user will have to set up the Chrome Remote Desktop app on their desktop of choice (which is available through the Chrome Web Store as a separate download), and then set up the app on the iOS-based device of their choice as well.

It works on devices that run iOS 7.0 or later, for what it’s worth, and as mentioned above it is indeed a universal app, so it will work on the iPhone and/or iPad.

It’s available now for free, through the source link below. Do you think you’ll check it out?

Download link:

  • Chrome Remote Desktop — Free

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