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Adaptive SQL Plan Management (SPM) in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1)

SQL Plan Management was introduced in Oracle 11g to provide a "conservative plan selection strategy" for the optimizer. The basic concepts have not changed in Oracle 12c, but there have been some changes to the process of evolving SQL plan baselines. As with previous releases, auto-capture of SQL plan baselines is disabled by default, but evolution of existing baselines is now automated. In addition, manual evolution of sql plan baselines has been altered to a task-based approach. This article focuses on the changes in 12c.

iPhone’s Passcode Bypassed Using Software-Based Bruteforce Tool

Last week, a blogger reported on a $300 device called the IP Box, which was allowing repair shops and hackers to bypass passcodes and gain access to locked iOS devices. But it turns out that expensive hardware isn’t required; TransLock, a new utility for Mac, can do the same job over USB.

MDSec’s video proved that the IP Box was able to bypass an iOS passcode using brute-force and maintain the data on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch even when the device is set to erase itself automatically when an incorrect passcode has been entered ten times.

Google adds ‘On-body detection’ Smart Lock mode to Android Lollipop devices

Google seems to be rolling out a new ‘Smart Lock’ feature for Android devices running Lollipop — On-body detection. This new feature will only lock your device when it is sitting on a table or in your pocket.

The feature will make use of the accelerometer on your Android device to detect any movement. In case it does not detect any movement, it will automatically lock your device. But if you are holding the device in your hand and it is already unlocked, On-body will keep it unlocked.

In case you hand over your device to someone while it is unlocked, On-body will keep it unlocked. The feature cannot determine who is holding the device, it only knows that someone is holding it and thus keeps it unlocked.

Google is rolling out the feature only to selected users for now, but it is likely that a wider rollout will start within the next few weeks. For now, the feature has only shown up on Nexus devices, but it is likely that Google will roll it out to other Android devices running Lollipop as well.


BlackBerry launches encrypted enterprise messaging service BBM Protected for iOS

BlackBerry today announced that it is bringing BBM Protected — its enterprise-grade encrypted messaging service — to BBM for iOS.

The keys to encrypt messages in BBM Protected will be generated on the iPhone device itself. This prevents any “‘man in the middle’ hacker attacks, providing greater security than competing encryption schemes, and earning BBM Protected FIPS 140-2 validation by the U.S. Department of Defense.”

The feature can be easily deployed in enterprises that already use BBM for communication, and does not require any additional setup or OS upgrade on their side.

BBM Protected users can start a chat with other BBM Protected users in their organisation as well as outside of it. In case the recipient (or sender) does not use BBM Protected, the other party in the conversation can still initiate an encrypted and trusted chat environment.

BBM Protected is a paid service, though BlackBerry is offering a free 30-day trial to enterprises. It is also available for Android and BlackBerry OS 10 running devices.


How To Activate WhatsApp Calling For Android

Get the latest WhatsApp for Android
WhatsApp Calling, the new invitation-only feature of WhatsApp that adds free phone call capabilities to the app that was previously only capable of messaging, has officially been launched.

The feature can be accessed by users running WhatsApp version 2.12.10 or  2.11.528 from the Google Play Store, or version 2.11.531 if downloaded directly from the official website of WhatsApp.

How to Quickly Fix Boot Record Errors in Windows

If you have used Windows for a good amount of time, you may have come across boot record errors that prevent your Windows from booting up properly. The reasons for this error could be due to, but not limited to, corrupted or deleted boot files, removing Linux operating system from a dual-boot computer, mistakenly installing the older version of boot record, etc. 

The boot record errors are purely software errors and can be easily corrected using the Windows built-in tools and the installation media.

WatchGuard M500 Appliance Alleviates HTTPS Performance Woes

WatchGuard aims to alleviate the performance and security issues presented by the broad adoption of HTTPS with the M500 Unified Threat Management Appliance.

HTTPS has become the standard bearer for Web traffic, thanks to privacy concerns, highly publicized network breaches and increased public demand for heightened Web security.

The Web Will 'Just Work' With Windows 10 Browser

Project Spartan on Windows 10 PCs represents a break from Internet Explorer's checkered history, claims the company.

After a series of leaks, Microsoft finally took the lid off its next-generation Web browser, dubbed Project Spartan, when it officially unveiled the Windows 10 operating system to the public on Jan. 21 during a press event.

Samsung Unveils Pair of All-New Galaxy S6 Smartphone Models

Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S6 smartphones, which include giant leaps in style, design, components and features from earlier models, have finally arrived after months of rumors about how Samsung would fight off Apple's latest iPhone 6 devices.

The new Galaxy models, a standard Galaxy S6 and a much flashier and more sculptured Galaxy S6 Edge that features a bright display which wraps around both sides of the handset, were unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, on March 1 during a special "Samsung Galaxy Unpacked" event a day before MWC opens officially.

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