Do you Know What your Children are Doing on the Internet?

Excessive use of anything is termed as addiction and it won’t be wrong to say that children today are addicted to internet. With the availability of smartphones, kids are hooked to the cyber world 24/7.

This has opened unauthorized territories to the young impressionable minds. They are exposed to explicit sexual content, strangers who are ready to pounce on any young ones either for money or for fulfillment of any other pleasure and identity theft.

It’s a reality that children today are overly obsessed with internet.

But do parents know what their children are up to? If they don’t than it’s important for them to wake up and keep an eye on their kids’ activities.

Dangers of the cyber world!

Addiction is continued use of anything despite having the urge to put an end to it. Similarly, for many children internet usage is their lifeline. Not getting to use internet leads to frustration, depression and impatience. Excessive use of internet results in weak family bond, poor grades and sleepless nights.

Access to Sexually Explicit Material

Secondly, cyber world knows no age limitations. Many websites do have age restrictions but they are very easy to bypass. Hence, sexually explicit material is readily available online. This leads to unbounded curiosity and restlessness among the young ones.

They find ways to explore this arena which may lead to befriending strangers.

Disclosure of Confidential Information

There are many unethical individuals lurking around seeking personal information to commit cyber crime. Children end up dispensing more than required information online which puts their parents at high risk of identity theft.

Similarly, these unethical individuals are great at luring young minds into committing dangerous activities like credit card scams or stalking. Seemingly, they will not pose any threat and will come across well wishers but alas! What do kids know?


Here the question arises of how to do so? Sitting with them whenever they are online is mission impossible. No longer is internet usage limited to a single desktop setup in the lounge area, Laptops, tablets and smartphones have made it accessible anywhere anytime.

How to Monitor their Internet Use?

It is imperative that children do not ever find out that their parents know what they are doing online. Parents need to be one step ahead of their children and should know a wee bit more than kids. 

If parental controls are to be set, they should be such that children don’t know how to bypass them or else it’s all utterly useless.

Telling children directly is also not the solution as this will raise serious trust and privacy issues. As it is children are losing out on strong family bonds because of spending excessive time on internet.

So parents need to tread on this sensitive issue very carefully without breaking the weakening communication link.

Restricting kids’ Internet Use

The best solution is to turn to technology! With innovative and dynamic monitoring applications available, it is very easy to circumvent all the stated problems and yet keep an eye on children. 

Effective Parental Monitoring System

Effective Parental control and internet filtering software allows you to monitor internet usage through smartphones. Any powerful software allows you to filter, block and monitor your child’s internet activities. You can simply put a time limit on the device when it cannot be used.

Secondly, specific websites and applications can be blocked without your children knowing about it. They will never even suspect you for such actions.

Internet filtering software are user friendly and efficient. Yes there are many free software available which allows you to provide protective and secure cyber environment for your children. You can search within this blog as we have posted plenty of method already.


So stop fretting over losing control and take the reins in your hands! Parents need to get their act together and educate themselves.

All this allow you to trim off the loose ends and build a healthy relationship with your children.

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