Track AppStore Price Drop With CheapCharts App On Your iPhone or iPAD

Why pay regular price for your favorite iPhone and iPad apps, games, or movies? Try CheapCharts app for iPhone to track App Store Sales and iTunes price drop.

CheapCharts is a free app and it monitors your Wishlist, alerts you when the app is on discount. After the app is installed, you can browse through the list of apps and games that are currently on sale. The function of the app is not limited to display lists, you can search for your favorite paid app, add to Wishlist, and Activate push notification. You can check the detailed guide below for more information.

Step #1. Very first thing to do is download and install CheapCharts.

Step #2. As it will be your first time, CheapCharts will ask for your permission to send you push notification, tap on “Activate“.

In case you miss this step, you can enable it anytime from the app settings.

Step #3. Launch the app and tap the menu icon at the top-left portion of the app screen.

Step #4. Inside the menu section, tap on the category drop down list to select from music, movies, games, apps, and books.

Step #5. Now tap on Search and enter the name of app, game, music, movies, or books you are looking for.

Step #6. From the search result, tap on the one that you wish to track.

Step #7. On the next page, tap on Wishlist icon to add it to the tracking list.

Doing so, CheapCharts will send you a push notification as soon as your favorite app or game is on sale or its price changes. The same applies to iTunes store as well; you can get notification of your favorite movie price drop. The price of movies tends to be higher when they are released, but they drop with passing time. I have observed that during holiday seasons, a heap of movies goes on sale and CheapCharts helps to locate each of them.

The best part of the CheapCharts app is that it is completely free and does its job with perfection. The app has surely helped me in saving a bunch of dollars, what about you? Are you still paying regular price for games, apps, and movies? Give CheapCharts app a try.

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