How to Setup Fingerprint Scanner on the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

One of the easier and more common way to secure your device is to use the fingerprint scanner. For the Galaxy Note 7 there is the new and more secure iris scanner, but in the event you are wearing sunglasses to sneakily check out girls during summer, you might want the fingerprint scanner to be your back-up solution to unlocking the device.

To set up the fingerprint scanner:
  • Go to Lock screen and security under the Settings menu.
  • There you would find the option labeled Fingerprints.


  • Tapping Fingerprints would then require you to confirm your current security pattern, pin or password.
    • You need to have a pattern or pin or alphanumeric password set up to use the fingerprint scanner.
    • If the pin, pattern or password is not set-up, the device would prompt you to set it before you can go to the next step.
  • The Note 7 will then show a short animation that instructs you on how to register your fingerprint.
    • Ensure that your finger is clean and not oily.
  • You need to place your finger gently on the home button and lift it up, repeating the procedure a few times while moving the finger up and down until the entire finger has been registered.


  • Within seconds, your Galaxy Note 7 would have scanned, digitised and stored your fingerprint data.
  • You then have the option to enable fingerprint lock or do so later.


  • The Note 7 will then bring you to the fingerprint settings menu, where you can add more fingerprints and toggle additional options.
    • You can set your fingerprint scanner to replace passwords for website and to log into your Samsung account as well as use it for Samsung Pay.


  • You can exit the Settings menu and try unlocking the device using your set finger.

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