How to Fix Android 7.0 Nougat Battery Life Problems


With every new release of Android, Google promises better battery life. Android 7.0 Nougat is no exception here with the OS now coming with a dozier Doze mode that promises to help in extending the battery life of all Android devices running it.

However, like it has always been the case with every major version of Android, Nougat has some teething issues. A majority of Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X owners have been reporting poor battery life on their handsets post the Nougat update contrary to Google’s promise of better battery life. The same is the case with plenty of other devices that have received unofficial Nougat ports.

It is likely that Google will fix the teething battery issues in Nougat with the Android 7.1 release that will reportedly arrive with the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones next month. Until then though, we offer you some tips to help in improving the battery life of your Android device running Nougat.


Wipe cache

I have never really believed that wiping the cache of an Android device will lead to a substantial improvement in performance or battery life, but this has apparently worked for quite a few people so there is no harm in trying. To clear the cache of your Android device running Nougat, switch it off and boot it into recovery mode. From there, select the ‘Wipe cache’ option and reboot your device.


Do a factory reset

If you updated to the final version of Nougat from the Android N preview program, I will recommend you to factory reset your device to solve the battery life issues. A majority of Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X complaining about battery life seems to have upgraded directly from the Android N preview program. While doing a factory reset means you will lose all your installed apps, games, and their associated data, you are likely going to see a noticeable improvement in battery life post the reset.


Fresh start

Another painful step, but one that can help you diagnose the problem behind the poor battery life in Nougat easily. Instead of restoring all your applications at one go after doing a factory reset, install the apps that you use regularly one by one a few hours apart. This way you will be easily able to diagnose if any particular application is the reason behind the poor battery life that you are getting on Nougat.


Turn off Bluetooth

Many users have reported significant issues with Bluetooth on Android 7.0 Nougat, while others have reported that it is only when they connect a Bluetooth device to their Android device running Nougat that the battery drain increases exponentially. So, if you use Bluetooth on your Android device, try turning it off for a few days to see if you notice any improvement in battery life or not.


Roll back to Marshmallow

If the above tips do not help in improving the battery life of your Android device running Nougat, your only option is to roll back to Marshmallow or just deal with the poor battery life. Until and unless you really cannot live without a particular feature in Nougat, I will recommend you to switch back to Marshmallow. It is likely that we will see Google roll out Android 7.1 next month, along with new Pixel smartphones, that will hopefully fix all the battery issues with the latest version of Android.

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