WhatsApp Beta Version for Android Enables Video Calling

A couple of days after WhatsApp rolled out video calling for its Windows Phone client, the company has released a beta update of their Android client that enables the functionality on Android devices.

Once an Android user installs the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android by sideloading its APK from here, they will be able to make video calls using the app. The process to make a video call remains the same as a voice call, with the only difference being that when you tap the call button, you now get an option to select between a voice or video call. For now, though, the other party to whom you are making the video call must also have the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android installed otherwise the video call will fail.

WhatsApp will likely start a wider roll out of their new video calling feature by rolling out an update to their official Android client through the Google Play Store in the coming few weeks. The iOS version of the app is also expected to receive a similar feature in the coming days.

While WhatsApp was known for being extremely slow in adding new features to its messaging platform, the company has added a plethora of new features to it this year alone. This includes the ability to send different types of files, being able to doodle on images before sending them, end-to-end encryption, mentions support, and more.

You can download the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android with video calling feature enabled from here.

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