Worth waiting few weeks more to buy a Smartphone

Smartphone sales are soaring around the globe, as people use smartphones as their primary device for communications and computing. Apple and makers of Android handsets are generating massive sums of cash. But with summer now in full swing and autumn a couple of months away, this might be the worst time to buy a smartphone, as new models are waiting in the wings. 

A new iPhone is due to arrive in September and Samsung is said to be weeks away from introducing a big-screen Galaxy Note 8. Other models, such as the LG V30, also will appear soon. As appealing as some currently available handsets might be, buying one now might be a hasty move. This slide show will explain why. 

There's a New iPhone Coming
Now might be one of the worst times to buy a new iPhone. Apple is reported to be working on three new handsets for this year, including one featuring an all-new design with an OLED screen and glass chassis. The company is expected introduce all three in September and ship them in the fall. Waiting to see what Apple will introduce in September may make more sense than buying now.

Android O Is Looming in the Wings
Google already confirmed it’s working on a new mobile operating system called Android O slated to launch later this year. But it’s impossible to know which devices will support the new OS. Those looking to get a new Android handset should wait for Android O to be released to see which devices support it.

Samsung Has a Big Update in the Works
Samsung has confirmed it will release the Galaxy Note 8 in the coming weeks. The device is rumored to be unveiled at an Aug. 23 press event to hit store shelves in early September. Considering it could sport some big updates over the Galaxy S8, including a better camera, it’s a good idea to see what Samsung will be offering.

LG’s Next Big Flagship Is Coming
LG fans would be wise to wait until Aug. 31 to pick up a new device. That’s when LG will unveil its newest flagship handset, the LG V30. The smartphone is expected to have two screens, run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and offer ample memory and storage space. It could be far superior to the company’s current flagship, the G6.

Consider Waiting for the Essential Phone
Android founder Andy Rubin earlier this year unveiled his latest company’s high-end handset, the Essential Phone. And it’s arguably the biggest wild card this year. The device features a 5.7-inch screen and a nice design. It will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and come with a fast-charging—and big—battery. It could be one of the more interesting launches this year.

Google Pixel Will Get a Refresh
Buying a Google Pixel now would be a bad idea. Google is said to be working with LG on two new Pixel replacements, which could be called the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2. The handsets could have a new design with screens that cover nearly their entire faces, as well a high-powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The Google Pixel 2 smartphones are expected to be the first to run Android O.

Fingerprint Scanners Are Evolving
Smartphone makers are trying different ways to build fingerprint scanners into their handsets. Some companies, such as OnePlus, are offering devices with traditional sensors on the home button, while others, such as Samsung, are moving them to the back near the camera. Still others, such as Apple, are baking the sensors into the screen. But all the designs have their drawbacks. It might be worth waiting to see how the screen-based option in the next iPhone works before deciding, as the fingerprint sensor is one of the more heavily used smartphone features.

The Updates Aren’t Groundbreaking
Those happy with their current smartphones can make a reasonable argument to stick with them rather than upgrade to a device that costs a lot but offers only minor updates over last year’s models. Several reports suggest major updates are coming to smartphones in 2018.

Pricing Is Still a Problem
Customers on a budget might want to think twice about buying a new high-end smartphone this year. Apple’s iPhone is expensive, of course: There are reports that the iPhone 8 could cost more than $1,000. Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ costs $850, and the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 also could cost more than $1,000. Carriers are offering contracts to pay for those devices over time, but whether customers must decide whether they want to be locked into such an agreement.

IFA Tech Show Is Around the Corner
In September, the technology industry will converge in Germany at IFA, where some of the industry’s biggest names are expected to unveil and discuss their mobile plans for later this year and even 2018. Buying now before companies have a chance to share their plans at a major industry event could be shortsighted.

Credit: eWeek

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