Windows container support for Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat and Microsoft announce an expansion of their existing alliance to help enterprises more easily adopt containers and cloud-native applications. From Windows Server containers on Red Hat OpenShift to SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, two of cloud computing's leaders are helping to simplify how IT organizations can digitally transform to meet evolving business needs. In this video, Microsoft's John Gossman and Mike Neil and Red Hat's Mike Evans and Mike Ferris discuss the expanded alliance, what it brings to enterprise IT and how joint customers will benefit.

The companies expand on their cloud partnership by working on Windows container support for Red Hat OpenShift.

The companies also announced OpenShift Dedicated on Azure. Managed by Red Hat and hosted on Microsoft's cloud, the service will be available in 42 Azure regions. Currently, both Microsoft and Red Hat staffers are working on optimizing to run OpenShift on the Azure cloud computing platform and establishing integrated support mechanisms. The service is scheduled to launch sometime in early 2018.

Finally, Microsoft and Red Hat announced that SQL Server for Linux is coming to both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift within a few months. Last year, Microsoft made waves when it announced that its flagship database software offering was branching beyond its Windows-only roots and heading to the open-source Linux operating system.

"Microsoft and Red Hat are aligned in our commitment to bring enterprise customers the hybrid cloud solutions they need to modernize their businesses as they shift to operate in a cloud-native world," said John Gossman, lead Azure architect at Microsoft, in a statement. "Today, we're extending this commitment as we again join forces to bring fully interoperable solutions that simplify container adoption and help customers make the most of their hybrid cloud strategies."

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