Google Announces New Online Payment Solution

Pay with Google enables buyers to use the credit and debit cards linked with their Google account to make the payment process fast.

Pay with Google has officially gone live starting Oct. 23, consumers will be able to pay for purchases made on the mobile Web or from within mobile applications using verified credit or debit cards saved within their Google Account.

When buyers finish making a purchase and arrive at a participating merchant's online checkout page they will be presented with an option for paying with Google. If the buyer chooses that option, Google will send the merchant the buyer's stored payment information as well as the shipping address linked with the account. The merchant then handles the transaction like any other credit or debit card transaction, without the buyer having to do anything more.

Pay with Google eliminates the need for buyers to fill out payment information and forms when purchasing items online. It is developed primarily to speed up the checkout process for consumers using their mobile phone or tablet to buy and pay for goods and services online.

Google listed more than two dozen merchants that currently allow buyers to use Pay with Google for online purchases. Buyers will be able to use the payment option at several other merchants soon as google is in process to update its merchants list.

Google had described the API as giving mobile app developers a path to provide a streamlined checkout experience for their customers. Developers only have to add a few lines of code to integrate Pay with Google into their online sales applications. Google has said it doesn't charge developers any transaction fees on payments made via Pay with Google.

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