Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17025 for PC

The insider preview build adds new Ease of Access settings to make your computer easier to use and fit your needs. It also grouped related settings together which help you see, hear or interact with your computer to assist in discovering settings more quickly. 

Additionally, insider preview build improved setting descriptions to help you more easily understand the available accessibility features. Navigate to the Ease of Access section in Settings to see what’s available to make your computer easier to use!

Microsoft also updated the Advanced options under Settings > Apps & Features so that UWP apps that are configured to run at startup will now have a new option to see all available tasks specified by the app developer and their status.

Insiders from China likely know, Microsoft Yahei is the font use to display Windows UI text in the Chinese (Simplified) language. With this build, updating this font to improve the legibility, symmetry and appearance.

Below is a sample of the updated font – the blue is the new version, the grey is an outline of the previous font:

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