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Microsoft Announces Windows Server 17093 Preview

Windows Server preview build 17093 and Project Honolulu 1802 are now available to Windows Server Insiders, members of Microsoft's early-access and feedback program.

How To Perform I/O Troubleshooting using Condusiv I/O Assessment Tool

Condusiv offers a free tool that allows you to examine overall I/O performance and ranks systems in red, yellow, green to quickly identify which systems suffer from I/O issues and how badly – and which don’t.

How To Place a Workstation Out of Order Remotely using PowerShell

This guide will show you how to put a workstation out of order remotely using Active Directory and PowerShell.

If you work in an environment that has public computing sites the workstations deployed to those sites tend to have issues quickly because of high foot traffic. While many IT departments use some sort of signage to deter patrons from using problematic workstations, patrons often ignore those signs. Thus, it makes sense to put a workstation out of order, which ensures patrons are not using an unstable workstation.

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