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How To Set Up LEMP Stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) on Debian 9

The LEMP Stack is a group of software that can be used to serve dynamic web pages and web applications. This is an acronym that describes a Linux operating system, with an Nginx web server. The backend data is stored in the MySQL database and the dynamic processing is handled by PHP.

This tutorial will show you how to set up a LEMP Stack on a Debian.

Apple Unveils Latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Apple on Sept. 12 introduced a new iPhones and an update of its Apple Watch with some improvements for its processing chip (A12 now) and its iOS operating system. Among the next generation of iPhones, one is by far the largest yet—the iPhone Xs Max, whose 6.5-inch screen is larger (but not wider) than any of its predecessors and all the Samsung Galaxy models. Samsung’s new Note 9 has a 6.4-inch screen; one has to wonder if Apple added the extra 1/10th of an inch just for bragging rights.

How To Install Node.JS on Debian 9 Server

Node.js is a JavaScript platform for general-purpose programming that allows users to build network applications quickly. By leveraging JavaScript on both the front and backend, Node.js makes development more consistent and integrated.

This tutorial will show you how to install Node.js on a Debian 9.

How to Jailbreak iOS 11.2 and 11.3.1

This tutorial will show you how to jailbreak iOS 11.2 and 11.3.1 using Electra1131. If you are ready to proceed with the jailbreak process, follow these steps:

How To Increase the Security and Usability on Debian 9

When you first install a new Debian 9 server, there are a few configuration steps that you should take early on as part of the initial setup. This will increase the security and usability of your server and will give you a solid foundation for subsequent actions.

How To Set Up PostgreSQL Logical Replication on Ubuntu 18.04

This guide will show you how to set up two-nodes logical replication with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 18.04. One server will act as the master and the other as the replica. At the end of this guide, you will be able to replicate data from the master server to the replica using logical replication.

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