How To Install Ubuntu 19.04

The server install image allows you to install Ubuntu 19.04 permanently on a computer for use as a server. It will not install a graphical user interface. This guide will take you through the steps to install your first Ubuntu 19.04 server on a (physical or virtual) machine.

You can download Ubuntu 19.04 server image from here and make usb bootable or burn it into dvd then boot your machine with bootable media to begin the installation.

Choose your appropriate language and press ENTER

Select your Keyboard Layout and press Done 

Press ENTER to Install Ubuntu

Choose your appropriate network connection and protocol then press Done

Press Done

Press Done

Choose your appropriate disk layout and press ENTER to continue.

If you have more than one disk then choose carefully on which disk you want to install Ubuntu 19.04


When you are done with partitioning, press Done to continue

Press Continue to format the disk

Provide your credentials and press Done

If you want to manage your Ubuntu server remotely then choose Install OpenSSH server and then press Done.

Leave it default and press Done

Installation started and will take several minutes to complete.

Let it install updates

Installation completed, press Reboot

Remove the installation media and press ENTER

Login with your provided credentials during installation and start exploring your first Ubuntu 19.04 server.

That's all.

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