TikTok vulnerability put users private videos at risk

A security vulnerability in a popular video-sharing app (TikTok ) allows hackers to exploit millions of users. The popular video-sharing app uses an insecure protocol (HTTP) to process the videos and images over unencrypted channels, allows hackers to gain access to any user's data including all user's activity history, exposing users' privacy.

The attacker can download, add or modify the videos, images exploiting users in terms of feeding fake, malicious content publicly on behalf of the victim accounts. The Tiktok release 15.5.6 for iOS and the release 15.7.4 for Android are still using the unencrypted channels to process data risking millions of users over the internet.

This is an example of misleading information being circulated by the attackers using TikTok vulnerability that causes huge risk in such deadliest pandemic.

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